A.W.A.K.E.N. (Academy for Women Actualizing Knowledge of Everyday Nirvana) opened its doors on April 1, 2013 and was in operation precisely 13 months.

The 3 Mystics who ran the Academy—Lucia René, Inelia Benz, and Victoria More—feel this number is significant as 13 represents the Divine Mother.

The Academy hosted a wide variety of Mentors and Guest Mentors. It provided a sophisticated and fertile environment in which women could obtain a well-rounded spiritual education.

On an energetic level, A.W.A.K.E.N. contributed to raising the vibration of the planet and carving new grooves in the arena of female collaboration. Much was accomplished. And everyone involved goes forward, forever enriched by their shared journey.

Who was involved?

Lucia René

Lucia René - www.UnplugFromThePatriarchy.com

As Lucia’s psychic forte is identifying energetic structures, her initial teachings centered on helping women remove structural, emotional, and vibratory blockages. Her particular aptitude, if you were to choose one, is identifying and removing structures she calls past-life linchpins. As her mentorship evolved, she collaborated with inter-dimensional beings, such as the Sirian High Council and the Hathors, to facilitate upgrades in consciousness for large groups of people. With masterful use of the Sacred Voice, she helps people navigate alternate dimensions, utilizing what is commonly referred to as guided meditations, but what might be more accurately termed inter-dimensional voyages. Basically, Lucia has a huge mystical arsenal to call upon, not to mention an encyclopedic reference to all things spiritual.

Inelia Benz

Inelia Benz - Ascension101.com

Because this is Inelia’s first incarnation on Earth, her viewpoint about the nature of humanity and the human collective is probably quite different to that which we are used to. She times the release of information based on the collective’s vibrational readiness for it, so time with Inelia is as unpredictable as it is rewarding. Not only do you get a unique perspective on life coupled with practical advice, but with each class comes a transmission that starts working on your energy body immediately. You’ll walk away from time with Inelia feeling very different - in mind, body and spirit.

Victoria More

Victoria More - www.VictoriaMore.org

You could probably give Victoria any number of random topics on spirituality and she would be able to launch into a detailed discourse. Her particular excellence lies in guiding delicious meditations into Oneness. It is her humility that draws you in, but it is her mystical prowess that catapults your awareness. You may be oblivious to the intensity on the conscious level, but after the class, you will realize a lot more occurred than you had originally thought. As Victoria has spent the past decade immersed in processing the intricacies of duality, by now it's as if she herself is an embodiment of the ascended state, beyond duality. It’s almost like one need only bring their polarities into awareness in her presence and they are available to be integrated.

Susan Gash

Susan Gash - www.CrystalMountainHealing.com

As a healer, Susan Gash is the “real deal”. Her Spirit Medicine is authentic, pure, and energetically crystal clean. During healing sessions, she invokes the Spirit Doctor Team, a rare entourage of over 40 beings who apply not only traditional healing methods, but stellar, futuristic healing technologies. Session participants are able to make personal healing requests, receive guidance from the Spirit Doctors, and awaken to their own innate gifts and cosmic heritage. Susan has an extensive background in movement and movement as a gateway for inner exploration. She is a former dancer, Certified Movement Analyst, and founder of an all-women's dance theater that received international acclaim. She lives on a spectacular, mountain-top farm high in the Andes of Ecuador. From this location of pristine nature and spirit, she offers private and group sessions with the Spirit Doctor Team working both in-person and online.

Beate Ronnefeldt

Beate Ronnefeldt - www.BeateRonnefeldt.com

Beate grew up disconnected and out of touch from her inner world. Then,
 divine intervention happened! Her inner voice called her to get in touch 
with who she really is and, with clear determination, she followed that 
calling in order to reconnect to a deep knowing beyond the mind, exploring
 and deepening her heart-intelligence. Now, after having freed herself and 
with the expertise she has acquired working with people for more then 20
 years, Beate provides safe and empathetic accompaniment for us as we navigate our way back to who we really are. In her classes, she opens a powerful space of awareness and allowance in which understanding with the heart, self-love and
 compassion emerge naturally to generate the reconnection with our divine
 essence. Thus, old remnants of low-frequency-awareness can be released
 effectively, opening the doors to our expanded awareness and conscious co-creation.

Guest Mentors

Tantra Maat

Tantra Maat - www.AgencyOfCreation.com

Tantra Maat’s mystical nature moves with the Earth. By traveling to Ireland, Egypt, South America, Saudi Arabia, and other countries in her lifetime, she supports the strengthening of grids that hold higher consciousness. Her affinity is with both Mother Divine and Mother Earth. During a vision quest, in her early twenties, her totem, the vulture, came to her and said, “You remove what is dead in people so that they may live.” In her journey, in recent years with Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi, a Hindu guru, she received the name Ganambika Amma, the mother of Ganesh, the Hindu God who unblocks the barriers to our awakening.

Patty Klauer

Patty Klauer - www.Alpha-i.net

Dr. Patricia Klauer is a Chiropractor & Technology Advisor with 30 years of formal meditation practice while simultaneously working with Fortune 500 companies as a Data Architect. As founder of Alpha-i, Patty has designed practices specifically oriented towards professionals who are too busy to meditate but need it the most. She understands this culture and the daily challenges because she has personally lived this way and continues to serve her own corporate clients in the technology world. She is committed to supporting others in the upgrade of their personal and working lives through discovering their own capacity to find balance, equanimity, inspiration, insight and creativity.

Elizabeth McCullough

Elizabeth McCullough - www.AncientTemplatesOfWisdom.com

Elizabeth is a scientist and a seer. A rare combination! While spending time with her you will experience her drawing on a vast inner catalog of knowledge (anthropology, quantum physics, biology, human anatomy, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Yoga, herbalism, futurism, ancient history, and religion). As she weaves lesser-known facts with highly existential wisdom, you will find yourself with an expanded understanding of the big picture and a clearer vision of how you can better function within it. Her special gift is communicating her deep knowledge of the Ancient Templates of Wisdom, precious tools to help you use the human body in a way it was always meant to be used and to navigate life in an optimal way.

Marina Spence

Marina Spence - www.PinkEdge.com

Marina Spence is the founder of The Pink Edge, which assists women with career change and enjoyment. She is the author of Make Every Day a Friday: The Joy of Connecting Who You Are with What You Do. Marina in the midst of her third career change. Presently and for the past 20 years, she has managed software projects for Fortune 100 companies. She also has 20 years experience teaching meditation, a subject she first studied with Buddhist and Indian teachers. Marina has a Master's degree from the University of California at Berkeley, and undergraduate degrees from the University of Minnesota and from California State University at Northridge. However, she credits the school of life as her primary learning academy.